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Cursed Dice Set

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Has your player been cursed, gotten greedy and pocketed a cursed item, or just annoyed you in some fashion? Then you need these dice!

Perfect for the DM that wants to throw something new at their players. Just have them use these dice in place of their normal dice while they're cursed and watch the fun!

  • In place of a D4 you get a D3.
  • In place of a D6 you get a D5.
  • In place of a D8 you get a D7.
  • In place of a D10 and D10% you get a D100 of perpetual rolling.
  • In place of a D12 you get a D16.
  • In place of a D20 you get a D24.

Dice sizes are: d100 - 45mm, d24 - 20mm, d16 - 17mm, d7 - 20mm, d5 - 17mm, d3 - 15mm.